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FM-A Kingdom Parable

A Kingdom Parable: Outline:

I. Freedom Foundation Classes

A. Want to have a Kingdom Paradigm shift.

B. Freedom from Captivity and Death

C. Definition of Freedom:

(not the absence of something, but the presence of Someone)

i. The ability to respond to God completely as the person that you were created and redeemed to be

II.  Parable

A. Intro Story: Who are you and what are you doing?

B. It’s not about you: it’s about a God who loves you more than you think

C. Actual Story: The Acrobats’ Son

i. The greatest acrobats in the world had a son and he was lost

ii. A farmer and wife find the baby and raise him

-Yes, what makes you who you are is your DNA and your birthright, not your circumstances, or your geography

iii. The son started expressing who he was by climbing, the farmer’s wife tried to protect him and was afraid and his dad became angry and he understood it as–Don’t be yourself.

iv. When his parents snap when he tries to be who he is, he decides not to be the person that he’s supposed to be anymore, and the fire dies.

– your DNA and your birthright determine who you are, not the actions of your will.

v. The farmer teaches the son how to farm

– your DNA and your birthright determine who you are, not what your training is.

vi. Twisted his ankle

– your DNA and your birthright determine who you are, not the condition of your body.

vii. Everything squashed down inside him with no outlet would create fits of rage inside of him. And he became ashamed and isolated himself.

viii.  Son saw a poster of the acrobats, and began the campaign because he felt the burning inside of him.

ix. goes to see the acrobats and his DNA and birthright burn inside him and after the show the son goes to see the stuff and talk to the acrobats, and the farmers and the greatest acrobats talk and realize the truth about the son.

x.The son realizes that he has to choose between a life that he wasn’t made for but is familiar, or a life that he was created for that he doesn’t know at all. He chooses to live with the acrobats

xi. A year later, the son is terrible at acrobatics, he has had no training. One year is not enough to help him become who he really is. He still limps.

xii.  The mother works on the leg, but it’s painful and takes a long time.

xiii. The other kids felt insecure and angry towards the son because they felt like they had earned their place and so they took full advantage of every mistake he made.

xiv. His parents kept telling him they were glad he was back, and encouraged him to practice. He would go hide in the historians tent and read the journal of the troupe.

xv.  Soon he walked without a limp, but he still thought of himself as someone with a limp because it was easier to think that “you’re making fun of me, but I have a limp” “I’m bad at this, but I have a limp.”

xvi. One day he reads his story in the journal, and he realizes that he IS a part of the troupe.

xvii. Another day, the world changes when he talks with his parents and he discovers that his dad has been making him practice so that he can discover everything he was born for, but the dad doesn’t need him to do it to make the dad happy, His parents are happy just because he’s home.

xviii. The son goes back to the tent, and he remembers who he’s always been and he is full of joy and he does what he was born to do.

A good friend of mine and I talked about this and my friend helped to clarify this long sermon by saying “He is saying that God designed each of us uniquely with our own set of gifts, talents, capabilities and limitations. Those thing can be overshadowed and harmed by experiences throughout our lives. When we come to Christ we are made new (new creations), and given identity in Christ. The identity we should have had all along. However, even though we are made new in Christ, and given new identity in Him we still have to deal with the wounds and heartaches from our past life. We are each called and designed for a unique purpose. ”

There is a lot in this story that I feel I still have to learn, and a lot about myself and my identity that I want to see more clearly, but for right now I’m just going to make a few more “surfacey” notes and move on to the next sermon (I’ve honestly listened to this one like 10 or more times trying to understand it and stuff…). But I do hope to come back to this one and make some more observations later.

One part of the son that I really relate to is the fact that he limped. I often see myself as a person with a lot of baggage or issues that I don’t see in other people, and they come in handy when I need excuses for things that I haven’t been able to do, or simply don’t do or do badly. Like right now, where I am I really don’t have a solid Christian community around me, I have like 2 friends that I can see in person that will talk to me about God and what He’s doing in their lives… I feel this is a huge part of my life that I need in order to move on spiritually. But that isn’t always true. Sometimes God does isolate us to teach us things we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. But even still, I make the excuse–I’m bad at this because I have a limp…. and that’s all it is. An excuse. I have a hard time owning up to my own faults, and perhaps that is something I need to recognize and deal with before other changes in my life can occur.

On the other side of the fence, sometimes I feel a lot like the other kids in the tent, who felt angry and insecure that this kid who’s never practiced being an acrobat just waltzes into their lives one day and everyone ooh’s and ahh’s over him and is super excited that he’s back and his raw talent could easily overshadow their lifetime of work. I’ve been a Christian all of my life pretty much. Born and bred in the church, and I feel that I know more than lots of people… however, when I see people who only became Christians a year or so ago who seem to be way closer to God then I am… it’s really hard not to become hurt or angry or jealous of what they have. I don’t think I taunt them and hopefully I try to encourage them, but I do feel threatened…and that is something else I need to work through.



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A good friend of mine recommended this site to me and I’m going to be listening to these as well as going through the Bible characters… However, these I am going to be going through these very slowly and contemplating how they fit into my life specifically… I am not going to be generalizing them towards the Church as a whole very often, but much more specifically towards my life. They will probably be short posts full of unanswered questions and thoughts… but for anyone who is interested in seeing what I’m mulling over, it’s there, and feel free to comment!