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Day 1: Get organized.

Today begins the assault on the kitchen which will last for 3-4 weeks if I remember correctly. Here’s how this week is going to break down:

1) decide how I want to use my kitchen
        well… that’s easy. Cooking, food storage, laundry washing, and entryway (coat/shoe drop off). Nothing else. I have a small kitchen :P.
2) do the dishes after supper
      I delayed and delayed and delayed, but finally with loud, intense music and the promise of ice cream afterwards, I accomplished getting all my dishes done. 🙂 and I even washed off the counters and tables and swept to celebrate :). Now? It looks great! 😀

day 2:

3) create usable counter space/table
didn’t do 😦
3b) do dishes after supper and wash counters
I washed dishes and my husband even offered to help me! 😀 Made it so much more fun–he’s wonderful :D.

day 3:

4) put away/get rid of stuff that does not fit the functions, get rid of things that are too old/broken/duplicates/haven’t used in a year+
4b) do dishes after supper

day 4:

5) put away items that DO fit functions
5b) do dishes after supper


6) sweep and mop
6b) do dishes after supper
6c) wash counters

And WHALE-LAW (haahaa) kitchen counter-space is created and first week of good habits are created!!


Housecleaning challenge

A good friend sent me this link: and I was like HEY my house can always be more organized… so I set about looking at the site and all it had to offer. I decided only to do about half of the challenge, because living in a two-bedroom apt as opposed to a house, and with many online things, there is a lot on there that doesn’t apply to me just yet. But I figured that a little extra cleaning here and there only improves things :).

I’m actually a pretty organized person to begin with, I realized. I looked through some of the stuff on here and I was like, oh…I already do that… So, I don’t think that this is going to add a super huge time commitment to anything. I hope. I was very encouraged though, realizing how organized I am XD “gives self a congratulatory pat on the back”. Anyway, my biggest reasons for wanting to do this are:

1) be as organized as I can be to make the house more welcoming and peaceful
2) get rid of stuff
3) make moving to a house (whenever that is) as easy as possible
4) set up good habits–this is probably the biggest one

Each week will just be one area per week. So that should help things to go a little more simply. 🙂 yay. simple and realisitic! Check out the website!! !!