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The People In Between

As I was reading through many chapters of Genesis I kept reading about people that weren’t bad, but might not be the greatest examples either. But it struck me that these people, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, etc. they were still used by God. They were still founders of the Israelites, God’s Chosen people. They were still the group of people hand-picked by God to be set apart and holy, a people from which the Messiah would come to save the whole world.

It was a reminder to me that, even when I make mistakes, and might not be the greatest example, even when I struggle with particular sins, it doesn’t mean I’m worthless to God and should hide away from the world until I’m good enough to be seen. God uses everyone. God can turn any situation into one that will bring Him glory. God still loves me. God still has a plan for my life and can use my weaknesses as His strength. Y’know what? Those people still ended up in the Bible for everyone to read about–even if I am not the best, I am still God’s, and He can still use me.

If you struggle like I do, and wonder sometimes how God could possibly use you when you mess up so often, just remember that He works all things for good, even your mistakes, and He still chose you because He still wants you. You are precious to Him, a people set apart for a specific purpose. Not all the Israelites were perfect…but God still set them apart as His chosen and beloved people, and He still used them for His purpose and His glory. And He can do the same with you.


Christianity is Not for Wimps–the Beginning

An idea I’ve had for a while is to write a book about how being a Christian is more  than sitting back and living a “happy” life full of meaninglessness; more than a life of fitting in, more than a life of fear and faithlessness, more than doing just enough to get by.  Following the Creator is a fantastic adventure full of purpose and standing out and persecution and standing firm in the middle of a tempest or in the middle of silence in the desert. Following the King is a challenge. Following the Savior of the world is dangerous. Following the crucified Lord is painful. Those that follow cannot live for themselves, or they will be divided and fall. Living for God is a total sacrifice, a complete offering up, a total dedication. This blog is here to take a look at the lives of others past and present who have given their lives over to God for His use.  I intend to begin with people mentioned in the Bible and potentially continue on to those mentioned in church history and up to the present day.

My main reason for doing this, however, is because I have been floundering in my own life with God and want examples of others who have gone before. I want the encouragement of seeing other people like me and see how they reacted to God. Both in their strengths and in their imperfections. I want to understand God’s faithfulness better. I want to see how He works in the lives of others and how He fulfills His Ultimate purpose in this fallen world. I want to see God, and so I begin by looking through the lives of His people.